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Star CV's that land jobs.

A Star CV is one that does all the work for you while you answer calls and schedule interviews. Does this sound like your current CV? If not, then you need a new CV or your existing CV needs to be revised. Act now or you may miss your chance to get the job you want.



Correct CV Formatting

CV Star CV’s boast Star Formatting. This ensures all online Job Boards like Indeed, PNET, etc. can easily read your newly designed CV.

Recruiter CV Optimisation

Are you struggling to land job interviews with Recruiters? Our Star CV’s are optimised for all Recruiter Software (ATS). 

CV Service

Professional CV writing and designing services provided within 24/hours.

This is unmatched in South Africa.

Leading Graphic Designers

Gain an unfair advantage on other Job Seekers using our CV services!

We’ll design your Cover Letter and Front Page to leave a Star impression right away!

Continuous Improvement

We provide you with access to certified online courses to add your new Star CV once you finish a course!

Knowledge is power, especially in South Africa.

24/7 Whatsapp Support

Need help? We’re here too!
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cV Designs from
the Stars

“ We don’t design CV’s – we design Lifestyles ”

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Employed using a Star CV
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Professional CV's
Why you need one?

A professional CV always creates a good impression
★ ★ 
Write a CV the correct way and it will speak to the employer more clearly
★ ★ ★  

Professional CV’s are easier to believe 

★ ★ ★ ★   

A good CV shows that you care about getting the job

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
A strong CV will often guarantee an interview
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Strong CV’s are often a sign of higher intelligence 

About Us

We’ve designed CV’s for Stars from all walks of life, from accountants to scientists – we’ve done it all. 

Our aim now is to provide an efficient, friendly CV Service to all. Having helped employ hundreds of cleaners, to receptionists, to I.T Pro’s. 

We know what makes your CV work

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